About Jane

I’ve been taking photographs for many years. As a little kid I had a Brownie camera and annoyed my parents (and used up a lot of film) trying to see how things looked, and how I could make the world look just a little different. My father and I would develop black-and-white pictures in his basement darkroom. Inhaling developer fumes, which I’m sure has affected my, um, artistry.

Admiring the works of top-notch photographers and taking my own pictures has helped me learn to see deeply. It’s fun to look out at the world through one eye and one lens. In addition to really enjoying photography, I’m also a classical and jazz violinist and a horse lover, happy to be owned by a beautiful Percheron/Thoroughbred-cross mare. Over the years I have developed an affinity and an eye for photographing musicians and horses. (yeah, but what about the other eye?)

I also like to experiment with light, texture, and design, and manipulating the digital world even more on occasion with various Photoshop techniques.

You can see examples of my photography by clicking on any of the links to the right or under “Sample Photos” above.

Feel free to contact me, using the “Contact Jane” link above, with any questions or comments.